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A Review of Regulatory Barriers to Employer Ability to Recruit/Retain Employees, U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (PDF Format)

Addressing Community Concerns: How Environmental Justice Relates to Land Use Planning and Zoning, by the National Academy of Public Administration

Agricultural Sustainability and Smart Growth: Saving Urban-Influenced Farmland: by Edward Thompson (PDF Format)

APA National Conference Proceedings

"Boomburbs": The Emergence of Large, Fast-Growing Suburban Cities in the United States

Charting the Course for Rebuilding a Great American City: An Assessment of the Planning Function in Post-Katrina New Orleans, by the American Planning Association (2006) (HTML | PDF)

Contested Landscapes and Local Voice by Dan Tarlock

Corridor Preservation: An Update

Current Decisions on State and Federal Law in Planning and Zoning: by Bruce M. Kramer

Cutting Costs with Cottage Housing by the Regulatory Barriers Clearinghouse

Distributive Justice and the Environment: by Alice Kaswan (.RTF)

Effective Regulation of Adult Businesses by Scott D. Bertgtold

Euclid Lives: The Survival of Progressive Jurisprudence, by Charles M. Haar & Michael Allan Wolf

Exactions, Dedications and Impact Fees, by John J. Delaney

Expanding Affordable Housing Through Inclusionary Zoning: Lessons from the Washington Metropolitan Area: by the Brookings Institution

From a "Darkling Plain" to What?: The Regulatory Takings Issue in U.S. Law and Policy by John D. Echeverria

The Impact of Palazzolo and Other Recent Cases on Ripeness and Forum Selection in Takings Cases, by Thomas E. Roberts

Land Use Actions Under Section 1983 of the Federal Civil Rights Act : A Presentation by Daniel R. Mandelker

The Katrina Reader, American Planning Association

The Legitimacy of Land Use Determination and Substantive Due Process, by Steven J. Eagle (PDF format)

Managing Metropolitan Growth: Reflection on the Twin Cities Experience by the Brookings Institution

Let the Courts Guide You: Planning and Zoning Consistency, by Brain Ohm from Zoning Practice, November 2005

Making Main Street Legal Again: The SmartCode Solution to Sprawl by Chad D. Emerson

Managing Space to Manage Growth: By Daniel R. Mandelker

National Center for Policy Analysis: Smart Growth and Its Effect on Housing Markets

The New Equal Protection Clause and the Singling Out Prohibition, by Jan G. Laitos

New Takes on Old Takes: A Taking Law Update, by Wendie L. Kellington

Out of the Chaos: Towards a National System of Land Use Procedures, by Edward J. Sullivan and Carrie Richter

An Overview of Regulatory Takings & the Recent Palazzolo Decision, by Orlando E. Delogu

Permit Coordination Study ,by the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy

Primer on Sources of Federal Wetlands Law : A Presentation by Daniel R. Mandelker

A Primer on Takings Law, by Michael M. Berger

Regional Transportation Impact Fee Study, Merced County Association of Governments

Regulatory Strategies for Encouraging Infill and Redevelopment, from Denver Regional Council of Governments

Regulatory Barriers to Affordable Housing, US Department of Housing and Urban Development, April 2004

Report of the Connecticut Responsible Growth Task Force

RLUIPA Update, by Alan C. Weinstein

Report on the Federal Outdoor Advertising Control Program (January 2007)

A Report on Planning in New Orleans, by Daniel R. Mandelker

Selected Recent Cases of Interest to Landowners(2003), by John J. Delaney (.PDF|.DOC)

Selected Recent Cases Decided in Favor of the Landowner, by John J. Delaney - ALI-ABA

Selected Recent Cases of Significance to Landowners: by John J. Delaney (.PDF / .DOC)

Selected Recent Cases of Significance to Landowners (2000), by John J. Delaney & Emily J. Vaias

Selected Recent Court Decisions, 2005, by John J. Delaney (DOC)

Sign Regulation and Free Speech: Spooking the Doppelganger, by Daniel R. Mandelker

Smart Growth: The State of the States Tales of Leadership and Vision, by Prof. Patricia E. Salkin

State Agency Spending Under Maryland's Smart Growth Areas Act, National Center for Smart Growth Research and Education

A Strategy for Rebuilding New Orleans, Louisiana, by the Urban Land Institute (PDF DRAFT) (2006)

Street and Road Exactions After Dolan, by David L. Callies

Testimony of Daniel R. Mandelker on the Land Use Ripeness Bill before the House Judiciary Committee

The Transferable Development Rights Program in Boulder County, CO: A Presentation by H. Lawrence Hoyt

Through a Glass Darkly: Measuring Loss Under Oregon's Measure 37, by Edward J. Sullivan

Update on Planning and Land Use Regulatory Decisions : A Presentation by Richard J. Carlisle

Urban Centers and Transit Oriented Development in Washington State, by the Quality Growth Alliance

What's TOD Got To Do With It? , by Henry S. Markus

Where We Stand, Comparative Statistics on Regional Indicators, 2002 - Adobe .pdf file may take a moment to load in your browser

Where We Stand, Report of 1999


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