This is a description of the site. We hope you will enjoy using it, and come back to visit us again.

The categories on the left of each page allow you to navigate to different types of materials on land use law topics.

There are nine sections. The Supplementary Materials section has materials omitted from earlier editions but not carried forward to recent editions.

The section on Plans has a set of several plans taken from an article in the Journal of the American Planning Association that illustrate the different kind of plans that communities do. There are also links to actual plans in selected communities, and a set of maps from the famous Year 2000 Plan that was published for the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area thirty years ago.

The Links section has links to a number of interesting land use sites including sites of national organizations and land use blogs.

The Statutes section has links to state planning and zoning laws and statutes on a number of land use topics, such as exactions, planned unit developments and transfer of development rights.

The Ordinances section has links to zoning and other land use ordinances, such as zoning, subdivision and sign ordinances. The Cases section contains the full text of important recent cases, including briefs and commentary on recent Supreme Court cases. We will continue to add important new cases to this section as they are decided.

The Articles and Reports section has articles and reports on a variety of land use topics, including articles on the takings issue and other constitutional law topics. These include reports from national institutions such as the Brookings Institution Metropolitan Policy Center.

In the Photos section we have posted site photographs of Supreme Court land use cases reproduce in the book and other photos of interest on land use topics.

The Articles and Reports and Cases sections have an Archive section where we have transferred articles and cases no longer on the site’s home page.

Another section has a selection of videos and powerpoints on a variety of land use topics.