This section will contain supplementary materials to the casebook, Planning and Control of Land Development.<

Supplementary Material on Environmental Law [PDF]
from Property Law and the Public Interest (Third Edition 2007)

Chapter 1: An Introduction to Land Use Controls

A. Why Land Use Controls?

B. Land Use Controls: An Introduction to Planning

Chapter 2: The Constitution and Land Use Controls: Origins, Limitations, and Federal Remedies

A. Nuisance Law

B. The Takings Issue

C. Due Process and Equal Protection Limitations Under the Federal Constitution

D. Federal Remedies for Constitutional Violations

Chapter 3: Control of Land Use by Zoning

A. The History and Structure of the Zoning System

B. How a Zoning Case Gets to State Court

C. The Basic Zoning Techniques: Use, Bulk, and Density Controls

D. Environmental Land Use Regulation

Chapter 4: Equity Issues in Land Use: “Exclusionary Zoning” and Fair Housing

A. Introduction

B. Exclusionary Zoning and Affordable Housing: State Law

C. Exclusionary Zoning Litigation in the Federal Courts

D. Discrimination Against Group Homes for the Handicapped

Chapter 5

Chapter 6

Chapter 7

Chapter 8

B. Outdoor Advertising Regulation

     2. Free Speech Issues

         D. Historic Preservation

                     Fred French Investing Co. v. City of New York

                        Maps of Case – 12